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Welcome to the land of Federico! Welcome to DICMAPI!

In this section of our website you can find some useful information on the Courses we offer to Incoming Exchange students.

For any further information about Erasmus and Exchange students at University Federico II, please see the link below:

Erasmus and Exchange students. – International Unina (incoming2122@unina.it)


Application procedure:


The International Office of your University has to send the list of students selected to come to our University within the ERASMUS programme to incoming@unina.it. This list must contain the following information:

  • full name of the student
  • student’s e-mail address
  • sex
  • nationality
  • place and date of birth
  • name and ERASMUS code of the sending institution
  • field of studies
  • level
  • period of stay (1st term, 2nd term, full academic year)


Once received these information, you’ll receive an e-mail with your token (ACCESS CODE) to register and fill in the application form on this web page.

The application will be open until 30/06/2022 (1st semester and whole year) and 30/11/2022 (2nd semester).


After you have filled in the form and submitted it, you have to upload a copy of the ID or passport.

Only Exchange Students (from extra UE Universities) have also to upload a copy of their transcript of records and the language certificate.

Learning agreements:

With the new Erasmus Plus program and  to promote environmentally-friendly practices, Learning Agreements are switching from a paper format to a digital format.

Erasmus students for study from Programme Countries (EU Country and Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey) from universities already connected to the EWP (Erasmus Without Paper) network, must follow their home universities’ instructions.

All the others, also Exchange students and Erasmus students for traineeship have to use the Learning Agreement of their University or download the form  below. In these cases  students  have to upload the Learning Agreement in the application procedure.

Learning Agreement for Studies and for Exchange students  2022 -2023
Learning Agreement for Traineeship  2022 -2023

Erasmus students for study from universities connected to the EWP (Erasmus Without Paper) network, don’t need to upload the Learning Agreement.

In the LA forms it is compulsory to insert the responsible person at the host  institution  for the approval of the study program at the host university. The list of responsible persons  (academic coordinators) per  subject areas or degree courses is available here.

Students can choose the courses to attend on the website of the Department or on docenti.unina.it where they will also find the course codes, information on programs and teachers. If students have difficulty in identifying the exact code of the course, he can provisionally insert 000. The same code can be inserted for the Italian course for Erasmus students or thesis or internship activities.

Before leaving:

At the end of your Erasmus period you can ask the International Office for final certficate of attendance.

You have also to ask for  the transcript of records to the International Office or to the Segreteria Studenti Office of your Department.

Contacts for Erasmus at DICMAPI:

Paola Desidery: Administration – Phone: 081-7682552; email: paola.desidery@unina.it

Stefano Guido: Erasmus DICMAPI Coordinator – Phone: 081-7682539; email: stefano.guido@unina.it

Useful information:

Further useful information about accommodation, visas, health-care, attending courses, sports facilities, tourism, and transport are available at Erasmus Unina.

International exchange Programme with Universities and Research Institutes for short-term mobility of students, researchers and teaching staff:

The Programme aims to strengthen the international scientific cooperation between UNINA and foreign Institutes and Universities.

Scholarships are assigned by the Administration Council according to the following regulation.

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