Il DICMAPI valorizza la ricerca e il trasferimento tecnologico attraverso un portafoglio di brevetti depositati dai suoi ricercatori.

Data di pubblicazioneTitoloInventore/iNumero di brevetto
31/08/2023Process for making expanded polymeric materialsErnesto Di Maio, Fabrizio Errichiello, Aniello Cammarano, Luigi NicolaisWO2023161739A1
23/08/2023Wet-oxidation scrubbing of sox and nox deriving from flue-gas using sodium chlorite aqueous solutionsDomenico Flagiello, Francesco Di Natale, Alessandro Erto, Amedeo LanciaEP4228791A1
18/07/2023High energy efficient device, system and method for using thermal energy of solar originMario Magaldi, Riccardo Chirone, Piero Salatino, Paola Ammendola, Roberto SolimeneBR112019015868B1
07/06/2023Process for the production of green hydrogenBenedetto Almerinda Di, Maria Portarapillo, Gianluca Landi, Giuseppina LucianiIT202100030875A1
01/05/2023High energy-efficient device, system and method for the use of thermal energy of solar originSalatino Piero, Magaldi Mario, Chirone Riccardo, Ammendola Paola, Solimene RobertoIL268411B2
09/03/2023Process for producing expanded bakery food productsMaio Ernesto Di, Paolo Iaccarino, Luigi NicolaisIT202100023378A1
11/01/2023Method for treating an article made of fibrous material, article obtained by said method and medical and/or health care and/or personal care device comprising said articleLuigi Nicolais, Andrea D'Anna, Gianluigi De Falco, Mario Commodo, Patrizia Minutolo, Antonino Squillace, Pasquale Del GaudioEP3651818B1
03/01/2023In situ gelifying powderPasquale Del Gaudio, Rita Patrizia Aquino, Paola Russo, Gianluigi De Falco, Luigi NicolaisUS11541011B2
31/10/2022Printing method of ordered multilayer microlayers and nanostructures by chaotic flowsTrujillo De Santiago Grissel, Mario Moisés Alvarez, Monsalve Edna Johana Bolivar, Gonzalez Carlos Fernando Ceballos, De Leon Derby Mária Díaz, Madero Carolina Chavez, Daniele Tammaro, Maio Ernesto DiMX2021004963A
27/10/2022Method for the functionalizing treatment of hides for the improvement of the elastic propertiesMaria Iannone, Paolo Antonio NettiWO2022224150A1
22/09/2022A process for the preparation of hydrogel nanostructures by ionotropic gelification in microfluidicsEnza Torino, Paolo Antonio Netti, Alfonso Maria Ponsiglione, Alessio SmeraldoIT202100006866A1
11/08/2022Microfluidic process for the preparation of hydrogel-loaded liposome nanostructuresFelicia Roffo, Enza Torino, Paolo Antonio NettiWO2022167536A2
10/08/2022Functionalizing treatment method for hidesPaolo Antonio Netti, Maria IannoneEP4038208A1
30/09/2021Wireless device for high resolution measurement of coordinates in three-dimensional spaceMassimo Moffa, Daniele Sofia, Paolo TrucilloIT202100017102A1
09/09/2021Expanded liquid microfluidic system for the production of drug carriersPaolo Trucillo, Daniele Sofia, Massimo Moffa, Porta Giovanna DellaIT202100014972A1
20/08/2021Method and device for the versatile production of lipid and polymeric drug carriersPaolo Trucillo, Daniele Sofia, Massimo MoffaIT202100012851A1
18/04/2021Process for making products in multi-gradient expanded polymeric materialMaio Ernesto Di, Luigi Nicolais, Fabrizio ErrichielloIT201900019310A1
28/01/2021Expanded beads having density and/or cell morphology gradients, and sintered foams obtained therefromErnesto Di Maio, Fabrizio Errichiello, Aniello Cammarano, Luigi NicolaisCA3146347A1
09/04/2020Methods for producing polyurethane foamsVanni Parenti, Sara Cavalca, Thomas Mosciatti, Ernesto Di Maio, Maria Rosaria Di Caprio, Cosimo Brondi, Salvatore IannaceUS20200109249A1
24/10/2019Process for preparing layered foamed polymeric materialsErnesto Di Maio, Luigi NicolaisWO2019202407A1
13/01/2019Method of treatment of a fiber material manufactured item, manufactured by means of this method and medical and / or health device and / or for the care of the person including this manufactureLuigi Nicolais, Andrea D'Anna, Falco Gianluigi De, Mario Commodo, Patrizia Minutolo, Antonino Squillace, Gaudio Pasquale DelIT201700078999A1
05/09/2018Method for obtaining ultrastable nanoemulsionsRaffaele Vecchione, Paolo Antonio Netti, Ugo Ciotola, Angela SaglianoEP2879783B1
01/08/2018High energy efficiency device and plant for the use of thermal solar energyRiccardo Chirone, Paola Ammendola, Roberto Solimene, Piero Salatino, Mario MagaldiIT201700010774A1
28/03/2018Method for producing a totally endogenous bioengineered tissue and tissue obtained therebyGiorgia Imparato, Costantino Casale, Francesco Urciuolo, Paolo Netti, Sara ScamardellaEP3137594B1
28/12/2017Adsorbent for halogenated anaestheticsMladen Eic, Dusanka Filipovic, Paolo Aprea, Domenico Caputo, Nicola Gargiulo, Ye Hua, Antonio PelusoUS20170368531A1
01/06/2017A process of preparation of useful nanoparticles as contrast agents in magnetic resonance for imagesEnza Torino, Paolo Antonio NettiITUB20156061A1
07/02/2017Method for making an array of micro-needlesPietro Ferraro, Sara Coppola, Andrea Finizio, Simonetta Grilli, Veronica Vespini, Paolo Antonio Netti, Raffaele Vecchione, Eliana EspositoUS9561355B2
04/02/2015Adhesive biopolymer suitable for use as temporary replacement of the epitheliumIppolito Giuseppe D, Paolo Antonio Netti, Antonio Paciello, Alessio GiovanniEP2832378A2
15/01/2015Method for the preparation of micrometric or nanometric hollow particlesSilvia Orsi, Ernesto Di Maio, Paolo Antonio NettiWO2015004641A1
13/01/2015Method for the preparation of micrometric or nanometric cave particlesMaio Ernesto Di, Paolo Antonio Netti, Silvia OrsiITRM20130410A1
29/10/2014Device and method for storage and transfer of thermal energyMario Magaldi, Gennaro De Michele, Piero SalatinoEP2564127B1
24/10/2014Apparatus for the tests of flammability and explosivity of uniformly powdered powdersAndrea Bizzarro, Benedetto Almerinda Di, Sarli Valeria Di, Paola Russo, Roberto SanchiricoITRM20130239A1
10/10/2014Procedure for the production of shaped polymeric micropartelsAlteriis Renato De, Paolo Antonio Netti, Raffaele VecchioneITTO20130284A1
07/10/2014Porous composite product for the production of a catalytic layer, in particular in fuel cell electrodesRaffaele Vecchione, Salvatore Leonardi, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Anna BorrielloUS8852826B2
21/11/2013Systems and methods for reverse engineering models of biological networksTimothy S. Gardner, James J. Collins, Diego Di Bernardo, Jesper Tegner, Man Kit Stephen YeungUS20130311159A1
10/07/2013Process to destructure a cellulose paste, product obtained and use of the productMaio Ernesto Di, Salvatore Iannace, Marino Lavorgna, Letizia VerdolottiITTO20120006A1
07/03/2013Systems and methods for reverse engineering models of biological networksDiego Di Bernardo, James J. Collins, Timothy Gardner, Michael J. ThompsonUS20130060543A1
15/08/2012Device for fracture resistance testing for way iii on glued jointsGabriele Cricri, Michele PerrellaITSA20120008A1
28/02/2012Foamed polymer-inorganic binder hybrid material having controlled density and morphology, method for its preparation and uses thereofSalvatore Iannace, Ernesto Di Maio, Letizia Verdolotti, Marino LavorgnaUS8124662B2
03/02/2012Silicatic solution of waste polyols for the preparation of a hybrid material with a polyurethane matrix and / or poly-isocyanuratic-hydraulic binder, and related method of preparationMaio Ernesto Di, Salvatore Iannace, Marino Lavorgna, Letizia VerdolottiITTO20100672A1
26/05/2011Integrated system for reactivating and recirculating light ashes with high unburnt matter contentMario Magaldi, Piero Salatino, Osvalda Senneca, Riccardo ChironeWO2010140109A3
12/05/2011Fiber reinforced polymers, epoxy-based polymeric compositions and use thereofGiuseppina Barra, Marino Lavorgna, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Filomena PiscitelliUS20110112222A1
05/05/2011In vitro bioengineered animal tissue fiber and its use in the textile industryPaolo Netti, Giorgia Imparato, Francesco UrciuoloWO2011051983A1
22/12/2010Method for making filled-in polymers and polymeric foamsIsabella De Iorio, Claudio Leone, Valentina LoprestoEP2264089A2
11/03/2010Plant and process for the looping-type combustion of solid carbon- containing fuelsPiero Salatino, Osvalda SennecaWO2010026259A2
06/08/2009Electrocatalytic polymer-based powder, method of production and use thereofRaffaele Vecchione, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Anna BorrielloUS20090196984A1
28/05/2009Proton exchange membrane and membrane-electrode assembly (mea), method for their production and fuel cell using said membrane or assemblyTeresa Napolitano, Nunzia Malagnino, Anna Borriello, Giuseppe MensitieriUS20090136820A1
21/03/2009Method for the production of loaded polymers and polymeric foams by using sub-products and / or scales from the tanning industryGiorgio Carlo Bargiggia, Iorio Isabella De, Claudio Leone, Valentina LoprestoITMI20071823A1
31/12/2008Process for purifying apyrogenic and virus-inactivated human hemoglobinMassimiliano Ramelli, Elena Della Valle, Claudio Farina, Michele Perrella, Claudia Nardini, Rodolfo FranceschiniWO2009000763A1
03/07/2008Continuous process for the production of solid catalyst components for the polymerization of olefinesMassimo Covezzi, Anna Fait, Benedetto Almerinda DiDE60134175D1
24/06/2007Process and relative plant for the rehabilitation of wastewater containing phenolic substances using pseudomonas stutzeri ox1 immobilized on a granular support in airliftPaola Barbieri, Donato Alberto Di, Enrica Albertina Galli, Antonio Marzocchella, Giuseppe Olivieri, Piero Salatino, Loredana Siani, Ambra ViggianiITRM20050648A1
07/02/2007Nanoporous and microporous manufacts based on syndiotactic polystyrene and processes for their preparationGaetano Guerra, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Vincenzo Venditto, Ernesto Reverchon, Christophe DanielEP1646687B1
28/09/2006Polyelectrolyte membrane, process for production and fuel cell containing this polyelectrolyte membraneTeresa Napolitano, Salvatore Coffa, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Anna Borriello, Luigi NicolaisDE60307614D1
26/10/2005Tissue of animal origin for industrial uses constituted of material in sheets , in vitro processes for the production thereofPaolo Antonio Netti, Mosè Rossi, Federico Brugnoli, Ioannis Ioannidis, Sabrina BattistaEP1589098A1
14/09/2005Polysaccharide - based superabsorbent filmGiuseppe Mensitieri, Fabrizio Porro, Luigi Nicolais, Alessandro SanninoEP1268557B1
10/02/2005Films based on syndiotactic polystyrene with new kinds of preferential orientation of the crystalline phaseGaetano Guerra, Vincenzo Venditto, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Paola RizzoWO2005012401A1
08/02/2005Device and process for the fractionation of mixtures of granular solidsAntonio Marzocchella, Piero SalatinoITRM20030389A1
27/12/2004Polymeric hydrogeles with controlled porosityLuigi Ambrosio, Paolo Antonio Netti, Alessandro SanninoITRM20030321A1
22/05/2003Absorbent polymer material based on renewable initial productsEsposito, Alessandro Sannino, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Nobile Alessandro DelDE69807885T2
26/06/2002Use of styrene based syndiotactic polymers as sensing elements for detection of organic pollutantsGaetano Guerra, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Vincenzo VendittoEP1217360A2
24/12/2001Device and process for fractioning granular solid mixturesAntonio Marzocchella, Piero SalatinoITRM20010766D0
04/10/2001Use of hydrogels to fix bone replacementsLuigi Nicolais, Luigi Ambrosio, Paolo Antonio Netti, Lanfranco CallegaroEP0642363B1
06/05/1999Absorbent polymer material based on renewable raw materialsNobile Matteo Alessandro Del, Fausto Esposito, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Alessandro SanninoECSP982547A
09/06/1997Manufactured articles of a new crystalline modification of syndiotactic polystyrene capable of forming clathrates with solvents and process for the sameCarla Manfredi, Mariateresa Rapacciuolo, Paolo Corradini, Gaetano Guerra, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Nobile M Alessandro DelIT1271842B
13/12/1993Use of hydrogels to fix bone replacementsLuigi Ambrosio, Lanfranco Callegaro, Paolo Antonio Netti, Luigi NicolaisAU4316293A
29/01/1990Equipment for measuring the concentration of solid particles in two-phase fluid systems and measurement methodUmberto Arena, Antonello Cutolo, Leopoldo Massimilla, Antonio Marzocchella, Ivo RendinaIT9019180D0
06/02/1985Substitutes of the hemoglobin and procedure to prepare themPerrella Michele, Pietta Piergiorgioagost AngeloIT8519398D0

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