Foam Lab

Foam lab is the lab where we study cellular materials, mainly polymer-based ones.

Foams have, compared to their solid counterpart, superior heat and sound insulation properties and superior impact properties. But if we think at nature, its structural materials are cellular materials as well: bones, tree trunks, shellfish exoskeleton, etc., are all foams! Foams are everywhere, and if they are not present in a field, that field it is not enough technologically advanced or competitive.

To know more, visit the FoamLab website.

In the Foam lab we have all of the facilities to study these fascinating and intriguing structures, from their production to their observation and characterization. Related to the Foam lab, the physical properties of the polymer/gas couple of interest in the foaming process are measured at the HighPressure-Mass Transport lab.

We have, in particular, pressure vessels for the batch foaming process (several dimensions, from 0.1L to 5L;  also, with view cell, right) using CO2 and N2 and their mixtures as blowing agents.

We also have complete extrusion lines for extrusion foaming thermoplastic polymers.


Ernesto Di Maio

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