Soft Matter Modeling and Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Soft Matter is the general term that includes several complex materials such as non-Newtonian liquids, colloids, suspensions, foams, polymers, emulsions, granular materials, liquid crystals. Those materials show a quite singular behavior under flow as well as unusual rheological properties.

Our group studies the rheology and the fluid dynamics of complex materials such as solid or deformable particles in Newtonian or viscoelastic fluids, emulsions, granular materials, liquid crystals. The study is mainly performed by direct numerical simulations whereby the macroscopic governing equations, with a proper choice for the constitutive model, are solved. An experimental activity is also carried out, aimed to design viscoelasticity-based microfluidic devices able to achieve operations that would require complex chips or would not be possible with Newtonian suspending liquids.

More information are available on: La Bottega della Materia Soffice


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