Industrial Safety

The Industrial Safety group is focused on the study of accidental explosions and fires through both numerical (CFD) and experimental (explosion and flammability tests) approaches.

The main areas are:

  • Gas explosions under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and reactant concentration. Study of the occurrence of the Combustion-induced Rapid Phase Transition (CRPT) phenomenon:
    • Explosion tests in closed vessels – Identification of the conditions of transition from the deflagration mode to the CRPT mode;
    • Development of mathematical models for simulating the cRPT phenomenon.
  • Unsteady flame propagation through obstacles:
    • CFD simulations (URANS and LES approaches).
  • Explosions of dust/air and dust-gas/air systems:
    • Evaluation of explosion and flammability parameters through experimental tests and mathematical models;
    • CFD simulations of turbulent fluid flow, dust dispersion and reaction in the 20 L and 1 m3 bombs.
  • Fires
    • CFD simulations of compartment fires.




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