Foams and Foaming Processes

foamThe activity aimed at the analysis of the phenomena leading to the formation of a foamed structure and the correlations among process, structures and performances. The activity led to the design and development of new pieces of equipment for the production of microcellular foams by continuous as well as batch technologies and to the production of foams with PCL, PLA, PET and with natural polymers such as gluten, zein, kafirin and starch. The availability of experimental apparata capable of fine tuning the processing conditions and the profound acquired knowledge of the phenomena involved in the foam formation of heterogeneous systems allowed for the achievement of biocompatible foamed structures characterized, for example, by bi-modal pore size distribution, open cells which proved suitable for tissue engineering applications. To know more, visit the FoamLab website.


Ref. Ernesto Di Maio@

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