Chemical Process Safety

The reserach activity carried out by Prof. Andreozzi in this field is devoted mainly to a thermokinetic characterization of chemical systems which may be of interest of chemical industry to prevent the occurrence of runaway phenomena and thermal explosion. This activity is performed by coupling some calorimetric (as adiabatic, isoperibolic and/or scanning) and analytical techniques (HPLC-MS, GC-MS and spetrophotometry UV-vis). A relevant part of this activity has been dedicated to the search for safe alternative nitrating systems and to the thermal stability of peroxides and hydroperoxides of industrial interest.

More recently the researches have been extended to the development of some procedures which may allow a full application of Seveso Directive as modified during the years through the evaluation of the products formed during accidental events.

Here, please find some recent results on “run awayphenomena and thermal explosion“.


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