Chemical Kinetics

Low- and intermediate-temperature oxidation and autoignition of hydrocarbons and biofuels at low and high pressures

Detailed chemical kinetic modeling of hydrocarbons and biofuels oxidation (in collaboration with Prof. F. Mondragon, U. Medellin)

Time of Flight mass spectrometry for aromatic clusterization (in collaboration with Prof. N. Spinelli, U. Napoli)

Nanoparticle surface oxidation and oxidation induced fragmentation (in collaboration with Prof. J.A. Lighty U. Utah)

Mechanisms of hydrocarbon and biofuel pyrolysis

Mechanisms of benzene and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon formation

Mechanisms of particle inception and growth based on a multisectional approach

Particle morphology simulation based on Molecular Dynamic Monte Carlo approach (in collaboration with Dr. A. Fierro, U. Napoli)

Detailed modeling of premixed and diffusion flames (in collaboration with Prof. J. Kent, U. Sydney)

RANS and LES modelling of turbulent flames with detailed chemical kinetics including pollutant formation and oxidation (in collaboration with prof. A. Kronenburg U. Stuttgart, Dr. M. Cleary, U. Sydney, Dr. L. Somers, TU Eindhoven)


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