Physical properties of polymer/blowing agent mixtures

Sorption thermodynamics and mass transport of blowing agents in the polymers have been studied, both experimentally and theoretically. Sanchez-Lacombe and Simha-Somcynsky equations of state have been used to model and predict solubilities, in experimental conditions not accessible by the available apparata. Modified Duda-Vrentas approach has been used to model mass transport properties.

rheo1The mixtures were also characterized from a rheological point of view, with in-line measurements during extrusion. Rheological properties have been modeled with an original extension of the Simha-Somcynsky theory.



More recently, a new apparatus for simultaneous measurement of solubility, mutual diffusivity, interfacial tension and specific volume of polymer/gas mixtures has been designed and utilized for measuring the aforementioned properties of the PCL/CO2 system. To know more, visit the FoamLab website.





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