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Coordinator of the PhD Program

Giuseppe Mensitieri

PhD Program Coordinator Full ProfessorING-IND/22
Telefono ufficio: +39 0817682512 Sito web: Web Docenti
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Other Affiliations
Istituto Nazionale per la scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali (INSTM)
Istituto per la Chimica e la Tecnologia dei Polimeri – National Research Council of Italy

1989 M.Sc. University of Naples Federico II Chemical Engineering

Professional Experiences
2004-present: Coordinator of the Bachelor course in Materials Science and Engineering and of the Master course in Materials Engineering
2010 – present: Coordinator of the PhD Course in Engineering of Materials and Structures
2013 – present: Coordinator of the PhD Course in Industrial Product and Process Engineering

Macroscopic Thermodynamics – Laurea (Bachelor program) in Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Thermodynamics – Laurea Magistrale (Master program) in Materials Engineering
Numerical methods in Materials Engineering (elective course) – Laurea (Bachelor program) in Materials Science and Engineering

Research areas
Thermodynamics of polymer mixtures
Mass transport in polymers and polymer-based composites
Superabsorbing polymers
Polyelectrolyte membranes for fuel cells
Interactional issues in polymer-low m.w. solutes
Environmental durability of polymers, polymer based composites and nanocomposites
Polymeric food packaging

Recent Publications


“Diffusion and Molecular Interactions in a Methanol/Polyimide System Probed by Coupling time-resolved FTIR Spectroscopy with Gravimetric Measurements”, Pellegrino Musto, Michele Galizia, Pietro La Manna, Marianna Pannico, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Frontiers in Chemistry – Polymer Chemistry, 2 (2014) 1-9.

“Methanol diffusion in polyimides: a molecular description”, Michele Galizia, Pietro La Manna, Marianna Pannico, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Pellegrino Musto, Polymer 55 (2014) 1028-1039.

“Tailoring assembly of reduced graphene oxide nano-sheets to control gas barrier properties of natural rubber nanocomposites”, G. Scherillo, M. Lavorgna, G. Buonocore, Y.H. Zhan,  H.S. Xia, G. Mensitieri, L. Ambrosio. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 6 (4) (2014), 2230–2234.

“Thermodynamics of water sorption in high performance glassy thermoplastic polymers”, G. Scherillo, M. Petretta, M. Galizia, P. La Manna, P. Musto and G. Mensitieri, Frontiers in Chemistry – Polymer Chemistry, 2, art. 25 (2014), 1-16.

“Diffusion in Polymers as Investigated by Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy: the H2O/PCL System”, M. Galizia, P. La Manna, G. Mensitieri, M. Pannico, P. Musto, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1069 (2014), 290-298..

“Mechanical response and delamination onset in food packaging polymeric bi.layer films under high pressure”, Massimiliano Fraldi, Arsenio Cutolo, Luca Esposito, Gianpaolo Perrella, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, Lucia Sansone, Giuseppe Scherillo and Giuseppe Mensitieri, IFSET, 23 (2014) 39-53.

“Time-resolved FTIR Spectroscopy, Gravimetry and Thermodynamic Modelling for a Molecular Level description of Water Diffusion in Poly(ε-caprolactone)”, P. Musto, M. Galizia, M. Pannico, G. Mensitieri, accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. B 118 (2014) 7414-7429.

“Effects of high pressure treatments on polymeric films for flexible food packaging”, Lucia Sansone, Alessandra Aldi, Pellegrino Musto, Eugenio Amendola, Giuseppe Mensitieri. In press in Packaging Technology and Science

“Improving surface and transport properties of macroporous hydrogels for bone regeneration”, V. Guarino, M. Galizia, M Alvarez-Perez, G. Mensitieri, L. Ambrosio, accepted for publication in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A, on May 27, 2014. DOI:10.1002/jbm.a.35246

“α Tocopherol release from active polymer films loaded with functionalized SBA15 mesoporous silica” N. Gargiulo, I. Attianese, G. Buonocore, D. Caputo, G. Mensitieri, M. Lavorgna, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 167 (2013) 10-15.

“Confocal Raman Imaging, FTIR Spectroscopy and Kinetic Modeling of the Zinc Oxide/Stearic Acid Reaction in a Vulcanizing Rubber”, Pellegrino Musto, Domenico Larobina, Salvatore Cotugno, Paolo Straffi, Giuseppe Di Florio and Giuseppe Mensitieri, Polymer, 54 (2013) 685-693.

“Flexible packaging structures for high pressure treatments”, G.Mensitieri, G.Scherillo and S. Iannace, Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies,17 (2013) 12-21.

‘Water sorption thermodynamics in glassy and rubbery polymers: Modeling the interactional issues emerging from FTIR spectroscopy’, Giuseppe Scherillo, Michele Galizia, Pellegrino Musto and Giuseppe Mensitieri, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 52 (2013) 8674−8691.

‘Water sorption thermodynamics and mass transport in PCL: interactional issues emerging from vibrational spectroscopy’ Pellegrino Musto, Michele Galizia, Giuseppe Scherillo and Giuseppe Mensitieri, Macromol. Chem. Phys. 214 (2013) 1921-1930.

‘Assessing Sorption and Mass Transport Properties of Low Molecular Weight Penetrants in poly-(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide with a Nanoporous Crystalline Phase’, Michele Galizia, Christophe Daniel, Gaetano Guerra, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Journal of Membrane Science,443 (2013) 100-106.

‘Assessing micromechanical behaviour of PET cords in rubber matrix composites by laser Raman microscopy’, Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, John Parthenios, Georgia Tsoukleri, Salvatore Cotugno, Giuseppe Mensitieri and Costas Galiotis, Composite Science and Technology, 85 (2013) 104-110.

‘Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(-caprolactone): a comparative analysis of lattice fluid models including hydrogen bond contributions’, G. Scherillo, L. Sanguigno, L. Sansone, E. Di Maio, M.Galizia and G. Mensitieri, Fluid Phase Equilibria. 313 (2012) 127-139.

“Improved mechanical properties of CFRP laminates at elevated temperatures and freeze-thaw cycling”, Marco Di Ludovico, Filomena Piscitelli, Andrea Prota, Marino Lavorgna, Giuseppe Mensitieri and Gaetano Manfredi, Construction and Building Materials, 31 (2012) 273-283.

“Combining Gravimetric and Vibrational Spectroscopy Measurements to Quantify First- and Second-Shell Hydration Layers in Polyimides with Different Molecular Architectures”, Pellegrino Musto, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Marino Lavorgna, Gennaro Scarinzi and Giuseppe Scherillo, J. Phys. Chem. B, 116 (2012) 1209-1220.

“Assessing the suitability of polylactic acid flexible films for high pressure pasteurization and sterilization of packaged foodstuff”, L. Sansone, A. Aldi, P. Musto, E. di Maio, E. Amendola, G. Mensitieri, J. of Food Engineering, 111 (2012) 34-45..

“Solubility, mutual diffusivity, specific volume and interfacial tension of molten PCL/CO2 solutions by a new experimental procedure” Maria Giovanna Pastore Carbone, Ernesto Di Maio, Giuseppe Scherillo, Giuseppe Mensitieri and Salvatore Iannace, J. Supercritical Fluids, (2012) 67, 131-138.

“Gas sorption and diffusion in amorphous and semi-crystalline nanoporous Poly-(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide”, Michele Galizia, Christophe Daniel, Gianluca Fasano, Gaetano Guerra, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Macromolecules 45 (2012) 3604-3615.

“Non-equilibrium compressible lattice theories accounting for hydrogen bonding interactions: modelling water sorption thermodynamics in fluorinated polyimides”, G. Scherillo, L. Sanguigno, M. Galizia, M. Lavorgna, P. Musto and G. Mensitieri, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 334 (2012) 166-188.

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