Our Department has a wide range of facilities for processing and characterising materials. These facilities are available for use by researchers in both academia and industry. For academic users at University of Naples Federico II most of the major facilities are directly chargeable by internal billing. Users from other academic institutions and industries can also access the facilities and are advised to contact the appropriate laboratory to discuss their requirements. Estimates for the access charges are provided (for inclusion as directly incurred costs on research grant applications).

Below, a list of active contracts.

Procter & Gamble Prof. Stefano Guido Pier Luca Maffettone Nino Grizzuti
Lande SpA Prof. Fabio Murena
CIRA Prof. Antonino Squillace & Prof. Antonio Langella
Ferriere Nord Prof. Fabrizio Capece Minutolo & Prof. Roberto Teti

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