The Department has a long history of collaboration and partnership with industry. We believe that  strengthening of this is strategic for our development and for the education of our students. The academic staff in the Department are always eager to widen their contacts with colleagues in industry and elsewhere with a view to collaborative work.

The staff of the DICMaPI can also provide guidance on all aspects of joint proposal development and submission. Our support will guarantee timely, accurate, and well-developed proposals to a variety of funding sources that support research and other sponsored projects.

The Department also offers a wide range of services to industry including Knowledge Transfer, Courses, Consultancy, Research and Industrially based PhD’s.

  • Collaborations Existing relationships with industrial partners.
  • Research Contracts
    A flexible means of setting up and supporting a generic research project focused on a topic of interest of the sponsors.
  • Consultancies
    Technical advice, test and measurement services and short pieces of research.
  • PhD Funding
    PhD projects provide an excellent means of pursuing a research topic in partnership with the Department.
  • Industrial Internships
    MSc students spend upto three months working with an industrial partner on an agreed project. They are supervisid by a member of the academic staff.

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