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Associate ProfessorCHIM/07
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Other Affiliations

Institute of Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers – CNR



2001 Ph.D. University of Naples Federico II Materials Engineering

1997 M.Sc. University of Naples Federico II Chemistry


Professional Experiences

2006 to present assistant professor, DICMAPI, University of Naples Federico II

2001-2006 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Materials and Production Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

1998-1999 Visiting Scientist, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas (USA)

1999 Visiting Scientist, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida (USA)



General and inorganic chemistry – Materials Science

Molecular design of materials – Materials Engineering


Research areas

Chemical Functionalization of Polymers

Polymer Synthesis

Molecular design and Synthesis of Polymeric Nanostructures


Recent Publications



Ambrogi, Veronica; Panzella, Lucia; Persico, Paola; Cerruti, Pierfrancesco; Lonz, Carlo A.; Carfagna, Cosimo; Verotta, Luisella; Caneva, Enrico; Napolitano, Alessandra; d’Ischia, Marco

“An Antioxidant Bioinspired Phenolic Polymer for Efficient Stabilization of Polyethylene”

Biomacromolecules (2014), 15(1), 302-310


Tylkowski, Bartosz; Bogdanowicz, Krzysztof A.; Ambrogi, Veronica; Lederer, Albena; Patroniak, Violetta; Giamberini, Marta

“Synthesis and characterization of a new family of photoactive liquid crystalline polyesters based on α-methylstilbene”

Polymer International (2014), 63(2), 315-326


Grilli, S.; Coppola, Sara; Nasti, Giuseppe; Vespini, Veronica; Gentile, Gennaro; Ambrogi, Veronica; Carfagna, Cosimo; Ferraro, Pietro

“Hybrid ferroelectric-polymer microfluidic device for dielectrophoretic self-assembling of nanoparticles”

RSC Advances (2014), 4(6), 2851-2857



Gennari, O.; Grilli, S.; Coppola, S.; Pagliarulo, V.; Vespini, V.; Coppola, G.; Bhowmick, S.; Gioffre, M. A.; Gentile, G.; Ambrogi, V.

“Spontaneous Assembly of Carbon-Based Chains in Polymer Matrixes through Surface Charge Templates”

Langmuir (2013), 29(50), 15503-15510


Silvestre, Clara; Cimmino, Sossio; Pezzuto, Marilena; Marra, Antonella; Ambrogi, Veronica; Dexpert-Ghys, Jeannette; Verelst, Marc; Augier, Sylvain; Romano, Ida; Duraccio, Donatella

Polymer Journal (2013), 45(9), 938-945


Ascione, Laura; Pezzella, Alessandro; Ambrogi, Veronica; Carfagna, Cosimo; d’Ischia, Marco

“Intermolecular π-electron perturbations generate extrinsic visible contributions to eumelanin black chromophore in model polymers with interrupted interring conjugation”

Photochemistry and Photobiology (2013), 89(2), 314-318



Ambrogi, Veronica; Brostow, Witold; Carfagna, Cosimo; Pannico, Marianna; Persico, Paola

“Plasticizer migration from cross-linked flexible PVC: Effects on tribology and hardness”

Polymer Engineering & Science (2012), 52(1), 211-217


Veronica Ambrogi, Marianna Pannico, Cosimo Carfagna

“Fillers, microspheres, and microcapsules”

Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites (2nd Edition) Vol. 2, pp. 1044-1053, (2012)

edited by Luigi Nicolais, Assunta Borzacchiello


Veronica Ambrogi, Gennaro Gentile, Caterina Ducati, Maria Cristina Oliva, Cosimo Carfagna

“Multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with maleated poly(propylene) by a dry mechano-chemical process”

Polymer, Vol. 53(2), pp. 291-299, (2012)


Paola Persico, Veronica Ambrogi, Antonio Baroni, Gabriella Santagata, Cosimo Carfagna, Mario Malinconico, Pierfrancesco Cerruti

“Enhancement of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) thermal and processing stability using a bio-waste derived additive”

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol. 51(5), pp. 1151-1158, (2012)



Veronica Ambrogi, Pierfrancesco Cerruti, Cosimo Carfagna, Mario Malinconico, Valentina Marturano, Marta Perrotti, Paola Persico

“Natural antioxidants for polypropylene stabilization”

Polymer Degradation and Stability, Vol. 96(12), pp. 2152-2158, (2011)


Francesco Branda, Fabiana Tescione, Veronica Ambrogi, Dario Sannino, Brigida Silvestri, Giuseppina Luciani, Aniello Costantini

“A new extra situ sol-gel route to silica/epoxy (DGEBA) nanocomposite: A DTA study of imidazole cure kinetic”

Polymer Bulletin, Vol. 66(9), pp. 1289-1300, (2011)


Pierfrancesco Cerruti, Gabriella Santagata, Giovanna Gomez d’Ayala, Veronica Ambrogi, Cosimo Carfagna, Mario Malinconico, Paola Persico

“Effect of a natural polyphenolic extract on the properties of a biodegradable starch-based polymer”

Polymer Degradation and Stability, Vol. 96(5), pp. 839-846, (2011)


Filippo Samperi, Salvatore Battiato, Concetto Puglisi, Andrea Scamporrino, Veronica Ambrogi, Laura Ascione, Cosimo Carfagna

“Combined techniques for the characterization of linear-hyperbranched hybrid poly(butylene adipate) copolymers”

Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, Vol. 49(16), pp. 3615-3630, (2011)


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