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Nino Grizzuti

Chemical Engineering Course Coordinator Full ProfessorING-IND/24
Telefono ufficio: +39 0817682285 Sito web: Web Docenti

Informazioni biografiche


1985 M.Sc. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (USA) Chemical Engineering

1981 Degree University of Naples Federico II Chemical Engineering

Professional Experiences
2002 – present Full Professor Chemical Engineering University of Naples Federico II
1991 – 2002 Associate Professor Chemical Engineering University of Naples Federico II
1983 – 1991 Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering University of Naples Federico II

Principi di Ingegneria Chimica (Chemical Engineering Fundamentals) Chemical Engineering Degree
Fenomeni di Trasporto (Transport Phenomena) Biomedical Engineering Degree

Research areas
Complex Fluids

Recent Publications

R. Pasquino G. D’Avino, P.L. Maffettone, F. Greco, N. Grizzuti, ” Migration and chaining of noncolloidal spheres suspended in a sheared viscoelastic medium. Experiments and numerical simulations”, JNNFM, 203, 1–8 (2014)

R. Pasquino, D. Panariello, N. Grizzuti “Migration and alignment of spherical particles in sheared viscoelastic suspensions. A quantitative determination of the flow-induced self-assembly kinetics”, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 394, 49-54 (2013)
R. Pasquino, F. Nicodemi, V. Vanzanella, R. Alfani, N. Grizzuti, ” A rheological phase diagram of additives for cement formulations”, Rheologica Acta, 52, 395-401 (2013)
N. Ahmad, R. Di Girolamo, F. Auriemma, C. De Rosa, and N. Grizzuti, “Relations between stereo-regularity and melt viscoelasticity of syndiotactic polypropylene”, Macromolecules, 46, 7940–7946 (2013)

M. Gabriele, R. Pasquino, N. Grizzuti “Effects of viscosity-controlled interfacial mobility on the coalescence of immiscible polymer blends”, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 296, 263–269 (2011)

R. Pasquino, N. Grizzuti, F. Snijkers, J. Vermant “The effect of particle size and migration on the formation of flow-induced structures in viscoelastic suspensions”, Rheologica Acta, 49, 993-1001 (2010)
R. Pasquino, F. Snijkers, N. Grizzuti, J. Vermant, “Directed Self-Assembly of Spheres into a Two-Dimensional Colloidal Crystal by Viscoelastic Stresses”, Langmuir, 26, pp 3016–3019 (2010)

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