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Massimiliano Maria Villone

Assistant ProfessorING-IND/26
Telefono casa: +39 0817682282

Informazioni biografiche

Research areas
Soft Matter Modeling and Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Research Group

Bottega della Materia Soffice

Recent Publications
M. M. Villone, M. A. Hulsen, P. D. Anderson and P. L. Maffettone, Simulations of deformable systems in fluids under shear flow using an arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian technique, Computers and Fluids, (2013), in press

M.M. Villone, G. D’Avino, M.A. Hulsen, F. Greco and P.L. Maffettone, Particle motion in square channel flow of a viscoelastic liquid: Migration vs secondary flows, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 195, 1-8 (2013)


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