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Assistant ProfessorING-IND/22
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2005 Ph.D. University of Naples Federico II Chemical, Material and Production  Engineering

2002 M.Sc. University of Naples Federico II Material  Engineering


Professional Experiences

June 2013-June 2016 Ricercatore RTD (Researcher with a fixed term contract) of University of Naples Federico II.

January 2008-June 2008 Research contract with University of Naples Federico II on the framework of European project NovelQ aimed  at ”Modelling and experimental analysis of mass transport properties and sorption thermodynamics of low molecular weight compounds in polymeric systems

September 2008- March 2009 Research contract with University of Naples Federico II on the framework of European project NovelQ aimed at set-up of equation of states for simulation of sorption thermodynamics of gas and vapors in glassy and rubbery polymers

June  2009-November 2009 Research contract with Council of National Research CNR at the institute of composite and biomedical materials IMCB of Naples on the framework of European project NovelQ aimed at characterization and  modelling of physical and thermodynamics properties of biodegradable materials for application in the field of food packaging

December 2009-March  2010 Research contract with CRDC Tecnologie Scarl of Naples aimed at modelling and numerical simulation of sorption thermodynamics of low molecular weight compounds in systems displaying specific interactions

July 2010-June 2013 (Assegnista di ricerca) Grant of  University of Naples Federico II on research on Thermodinamics of polymer-low molecular weight compounds  mixtures



Metodi numerici nella scienza ed ingegneria dei materiali (Numerical methods in material science and engineering) – Corso di Studi: Scienza ed ingegneria dei materiali (science and material engineering)


Research areas

Thermodinamics of polymer- low molecular weight compounds  mixtures, mass transport properties in polymers and polymer matrix composites, fuel cells


Recent Publications


G.Scherillo, M.Galizia, P. Musto and G. Mensitieri “Water sorption thermodynamics in glassy and rubbery polymers: modelling the interactional issues emerging from FTIR spectroscopy” Ind.Eng.Chem.Res. (2013), 52 (26), pp 8674–8691

P.Musto,,M. Galizia,,G. Scherillo,G. Mensitieri “Water Sorption Thermodynamics and Mass Transport in Poly (ϵ‐Caprolactone): Interactional Issues Emerging from Vibrational Spectroscopy” Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics Volume 214, Issue 17 1921–1930, September  (2013)

G. Mensitieri, G.Scherillo and S. Iannace “Flexible packaging structures for high pressure treatments” Innovative food science and emerging technologies 17 (2013) 12-21

Book chapters: P. Musto, M. Galizia, G. Scherillo, G.Mensitieri “Water Sorption Thermodynamics in Polymer MatricesDurability of Composites in a Marine Environment  Solid Mechanics and Its Applications Volume 208, 2014, pp 15-45


G.Scherillo, L.Sanguigno,L.Sansone,E.di Maio ,M.Galizia and G.Mensitieri“Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(e-caprolactone): A comparative analysis of lattice fluid models including hydrogen bond contributions”Fluid Phase Equilibria 313 (2012) 127– 139

P. Musto,G.Mensitieri ,M.Lavorgna,G.Scarinzi and G.Scherillo“Combining Gravimetric and Vibrational Spectroscopy Measurements to Quantify First- and Second-Shell Hydration Layers in Polyimides with Different Molecular ArchitecturesJ. Phys. Chem. B, (2012) 116(4) 1209-1220

M.G. Pastore Carbone, E. Di Maio, G. Scherillo, G. Mensitieri and S. Iannace  “Solubility, mutual diffusivity, specific volume and interfacial tension of molten PCL/CO2 solutions by a fully experimental procedure: effect of pressure and temperatureJournal of Supercritical Fluids, Volume 67, July (2012) 131-138

G.Scherillo, L.Sanguigno, M.Galizia,M.Lavorgna, P.Musto and G.Mensitieri“Non-equilibrium compressible lattice theory accounting for hydrogen bonding interactions: modelling water sorption thermodynamics in fluorinated polyimides”Fluid Phase Equilibria 334 (2012)166-188

Book chapters:

G. Mensitieri and G.Scherillo “ Environmental resistance of high performance polymeric matrices and composites” pag 804-829  Wiley enciclopedia of composites  Second edition edited  by L.Nicolais and A. Borzacchiello founding editor S.M.Lee John Wiley & sons ,Inc.,Publication Hoboken, New Jersey 2012; ISBN: 978-0-470-12828-2; 978-0-470-27565-8


M.Lavorgna, L.Sansone, G.Scherillo, R.Gu and P.Baker “Transport properties of Zeolite NaX-Nafion membranes: effect of Zeolite loadings and particle size” Fuel Cells (December 2011) 11(6) 801-813

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