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Giovanni Ianniruberto

Associate ProfessorING-IND/24
Telefono ufficio: +39 0817682270 Sito web: Web Docenti
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Informazioni biografiche

1996 Ph.D. University of Naples Federico II Chemical Engineering
1992 M.Sc. University of Naples Federico II Chemical Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering Principles – Laurea in Biotecnologie Biomolecolari e Industriali
Transport Phenomena in biological systems – Laurea Magistrale in Biotecnologie Molecolari e Industriali

Research areas
Modelling of Polymer Rheology

Recent Publications
F. Snijkers, D. Vlassopoulos, G. Ianniruberto, G. Marrucci, H. Lee, J. Yang, T. Chang (2013). Double Stress Overshoot in Start-Up of Simple Shear Flow of Entangled Comb Polymers. ACS MACRO LETTERS, vol. 2, p. 601-604.

G. Ianniruberto, G. Marrucci (2013). Entangled Melts of Branched PS Behave Like Linear PS in the Steady State of Fast Elongational Flows. MACROMOLECULES, vol. 46, p. 267-275.

Yuichi Masubuchi, Takatoshi Yaoita, Yumi Matsumiya, Hiroshi Watanabe, Giovanni
Ianniruberto, Giuseppe Marrucci (2013). Stretch/orientation Induced Acceleration in Stress Relaxation in Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations. NIHON REOROJI GAKKAISHI, vol. 41, p. 35-37.


Yaoita T., Isaki T., Masubuchi Y., Watanabe H., Ianniruberto G., Marrucci G. (2012). Primitive Chain Network Simulation of Elongational Flows of Entangled Linear Chains: Stretch/Orientation-induced Reduction of Monomeric Friction. MACROMOLECULES, vol. 45, p. 2773-2782.

G. Ianniruberto, A. Brasiello, G. Marrucci (2012). Simulations of Fast Shear Flows of PS Oligomers Confirm Monomeric Friction Reduction in Fast Elongational Flows of Monodisperse PS Melts As Indicated by Rheooptical Data. MACROMOLECULES, vol. 45, p. 8058-8066.

T. Yaoita, T. Isaki, Y. Masubuchi, H. Watanabe, G. Ianniruberto, G. Marrucci (2011). Primitive chain network simulation of elongational flows ofentangled linear chains: role of finite chain extensibility. MACROMOLECULES, vol. 44, p. 9675-9682.

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