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Antonio Aronne

Full ProfessorCHIM/07
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Other Affiliations
International Sol-Gel Society
Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali
Società Chimica Italiana

1991 Ph.D. University of Roma La Sapienza in Materials Engineering
1985 M.Sc. University of Naples Federico II in Chemistry

Professional Experiences
2012- Full professor of Chemical Fundamentals of Technologies (03/B2-CHIM/07) at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering and Industrial Production at the University of Naples Federico II.
2001- Associate professor of Chemical Fundamentals of Technologies (CHIM/07) at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Naples Federico II.
1990- Researcher of Chemistry (C06-X) at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Naples Federico II.

Chemistry – Mechanical Engineering
Chemistry – Civil Engineering
Chemistry – Naval Engineering

Research areas
The research activity ranks in the field of the synthesis of inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic and bio-organic-inorganic amorphous materials, obtained both through innovative methods of synthesis by low temperature (sol-gel) that through synthesis procedures traditional from high temperature (melting and quenching of oxide mixtures). The optimization of the procedure and the type of synthesis is performed according to the different application of the material.
Materials with a different degree of porosity, in the form of transparent thin films or powders, were obtained by sol-gel, which have been used as sensors, heterogeneous catalysts, constituent elements of thin film photovoltaic cells.
Special glasses and glass-ceramics were obtained by melting and quenching of oxide mixtures in order to study the relationship between structural change at the nanoscale (nanostructuring ) of the amorphous matrix and the non-linear optical properties, such as the second harmonic generation and the Raman amplification.

Recent Publications
Sirleto, Luigi; Aronne, Antonio; Goiffre, Mariano; Fanelli, Esther; Righini, Giancarlo C.; Pernice, Pasquale; Vergara, Alessandro, “Compositional and thermal treatment effects on Raman gain and bandwidth in nanostructured silica based glasses”, Optical Materials 36 (2013) 408-413.

Micoli, Luca; Bagnasco, Giovanni; Turco, Maria; Trifuoggi, Marco; Russo Sorge, Anna Maria; Fanelli, Esther; Pernice, Pasquale; Aronne, Antonio, “Vapour phase H2O2 decomposition on Mn based monolithic catalysts synthesized by innovative procedures”, Applied Catalysis, B: Environmental 140-141 (2013) 516-522.

Fanelli, Esther; Giannetti, Claudio; Aronne, Antonio; Pagliara, Stefania; Esposito, Serena; Ferrini, Gabriele, “Influence of the Devitrification Mechanism on Second Harmonic Generation Efficiency and Transparency in Ba2NaNb5O15 Nanostructures”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (2012) 26874-26880.

Tari, Orlando; Aronne, Antonio; Addonizio, Maria Luisa; Daliento, Santolo; Fanelli, Esther; Pernice, Pasquale, “Sol-gel synthesis of ZnO transparent and conductive films: A critical approach, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 105 (2012) 179-186.

Di Serio, Martino; Turco, Rosa; Pernice, Pasquale; Aronne, Antonio; Sannino, Filomena; Santacesaria, Elio, “Valuation of Nb2O5-SiO2 catalysts in soybean oil epoxidation”, Catalysis Today 192 (2012) 112-116.

Aronne, Antonio; Sannino, Filomena; Bonavolonta, Serena R.; Fanelli, Esther; Mingione, Alessio; Pernice, Pasquale; Spaccini, Riccardo; Pirozzi, Domenico, “Use of a New Hybrid Sol-Gel Zirconia Matrix in the Removal of the Herbicide MCPA: A Sorption/Degradation Process” Environmental Science and Technology 46 (2012) 1755-1763.

Fanelli, Esther; Turco, Maria; Russo, Annamaria; Bagnasco, Giovanni; Marchese, Stefania; Pernice, Pasquale; Aronne, Antonio, “MnOx/ZrO2 gel-derived materials for hydrogen peroxide decomposition”, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 60 (2011) 426-436.

Esposito, Serena; Setaro, Antonio; Maddalena, Pasqualino; Aronne, Antonio; Pernice, Pasquale; Laracca, Marco, “Synthesis of cobalt doped silica thin film for low temperature optical gas sensor”, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 60 (2011) 388-394.

Pernice, Pasquale; Sirleto, Luigi; Vergara, Alessandro; Aronne, Antonio; Gagliardi, Massimo; Fanelli, Esther; Righini, Giancarlo C., “Large Raman Gain in a Stable Nanocomposite Based on Niobiosilicate Glass”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 (2011) 17314-17319.

Aronne, Antonio; Fanelli, Esther; Pernice, Pasquale; Malvestuto, Marco; Bergese, Paolo; Bontempi, Elza; Colombi, Paolo; Depero, Laura Eleonora; Bignardi, Luca; Giannetti, Claudio; Ferrini, Gabriele; Parmigiani, Fulvio, “Local order and non-linear optical properties in bulk nanostructured niobiosilicate glasses”, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (2011) 1218-1222.

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